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For anyone who cannot use or have limited use of the feet, call Freedom Access today and our team will rig your vehicle so that you don’t have to use your feet to operate the pedals or brakes. Instead, our team will install hand controls behind the steering wheel that will operate the controls.

Personalized Vehicle Installations

Call today to receive a FREE, personalized consultation from our staff so that we can get any idea of you situation/condition, your specific automotive needs, and answer any questions you may have about our equipment installations.


Able to install these functions in a variety of vehicles, both on-road and off-road, we can install vertical and horizontal handgrips, depending on your physical limitation.


Quality Vehicle Services

Hand control Steering control
  • Cars

  • Trucks and vans

  • Motor homes

  • Farm equipment

  • Automatic only

  • Gas and brake hand controls

  • Can do a left-foot gas pedal

We are an experienced, owner-operated business.

For more vehicle equipment installations, take a look at our vehicle lift services and see how we can make it easier to gain access to your car.

Call today and receive personalized attention from our staff.


CTA MPS Corporation Left Foot Pedal Control

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