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If you are confined to a wheelchair and have concerns about being secure during transportation, then call Freedom Access today and ask our staff about our secure tie-down systems. You will never have to worry about your safety in the car again.

4-Point And Electrical Systems

Our 4-point security system will ensure that you have sufficient space for both the wheelchair and restraint system, so that you are comfortable during your travel. Our two restraint systems consist of a lap and shoulder system that work in harmony with one another, to make sure that the person is secure.


We also offer electrical lock system installations for anyone who has difficulty securing themselves. This positions the wheelchair in a predetermined spot and locks it into a secure position.


Benefits Of Tie-Down Systems

  • 4-point system

  • Powered and manual wheelchairs

  • Electronic lock system

  • Adaptive (different wheelchairs can use same system)

  • Cost-effective

  • Manual or electronic release

Receive discounts when you purchase multiple orders.

You can never feel too secure and comfortable during your travels. Call our team today and let us make sure that you feel safe.

Trust our 28 years of experience with your installations.


CTA EZ-Lock Sure-Lok

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EZ-Lock Wheelchair Docking Base  EZ-Lock Wheelchair Docking Electronics EZ-Lock Wheelchair Docking Base